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Memberships & Passes

We offer custom membership plans for every family dynamic with discounts available for seniors and students.  We are also proud to offer income-based memberships through our "Everybody Swims" scholarship program.

Not looking for long term access? Visit the GVAC by purchasing a day pass.

Monthly Membership Packages

We charge a one-time enrollment fee of $100 on all new memberships, this amount can be paid in full with the first draft or prorated across the first four months of membership. Membership term is 12 months. If you are a temporary resident, please check with GVAC for membership options! 

Monthly Discounts
Senior - $5 per Month - Individuals 65 years or old
Student - $10 per Month - Full-time High School, College, or Technical School Students

$100 enrollment fee will be added upon your first visit to GVAC. Proration options available!

Day Passes

Adult Day Pass

For guests 13 years and older.

+ tax

Youth Day Pass

For guests 12 years and younger.

+ tax



Dry Pass

For guests who are not swimming.

+ tax


Everybody Swims Scholarship Program

The "Everybody Swims" scholarship program is available to residents of Greenbrier and surrounding counties. Eligibility for a scholarship is based on gross annual household income and household size. Certain documentation will be required to determine eligibility.

Applications for this program can be picked up by visiting the front desk at Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center. Please contact Darcie McCraw at 681-484-7037 with questions. 

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