It started with an idea...

The Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center began as a student project at Greenbrier East High School in the 2015-2016 academic year.  A collaboration between Architecture, Engineering and Business students created the facility and business model under the direction of Kevin Warfield and TAG Galyean.


The community validated the idea...

TAG Galyean began approaching community members about their support of the idea and was met with a positive reaction.  In March of 2018 the State Fair of West Virginia agreed to donate 5 acres of land for development.  An initial public presentation was made in May and over $2.25m in commitments have been made since.


A full time commitment is made...

With a tremendous amount of momentum the GVAC decided a dedicated individual was needed to guide the project forward.  In February 2019 Jamie Hamilton was hired as the Director of Community & Donor Engagement.  With his commitment to forging ahead with fund-raising, community education and logistics the future of the GVAC is as bright as ever.